Kealia Ohai for Puma

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things i liked in that episode

  • laura sticking up for herself and acknowledging that she doesn’t need to be saved
  • carmilla’s sass

things i didn’t like






just bringing this back to my blog because it is the most accurate uswnt video and it cracks me up. plus, i really needed to see hao & pinoe’s faces.



HAO, lol….annnndddd Tobin’s michael jackson version, lol.



Okay so I saw this theory earlier this week about Danny’s supernatural-ness and I know a lot of people thought she may be a werewolf because of the mysterious purple soda can. However, one that caught my eye was the idea of Danny + other members of the summer society being…

Actually if you notice Danny says the society hosts the yearly Adonis festival and hunt, so Artemis huntress situation is not at all far off IMO

I posted about it before but for some reason it didn’t gain much traction because I think a society of huntresses makes a lot of sense for Greek affiliation yanno?


And the logo appears to be arrows too so

I actually got a reply from hotladypants, who told me to look at ep7 more closely because I was obviously very unobservant the first time around. 

Now looking back, I think its definitely a huge possibility because the summer society has so many relations to greek mythology that it must be something related to artemis’ hunters but I think it’ll be interesting to see what angle they take.

I’m currently re-reading Graves’ mythography, to try and find out as much as I can about Adonis. (it has transcriptions from the illiad and others so it’s like original sources almost) because I think that might be the most mysterious part.

The fact that Adonis’ death is unknown could be a bit interesting obviously that being the relation to artemis, and the hunters being all girls and only women celebrating the festival could all be factors of why they chose Adonis festival… 

Like they could have chose festival of the moon (again bc Artemis was also goddess of the moon) and that also would have thrown people towards the danny!werewolf theories so it would have been easy to throw people off, you know? so I think Adonis could be key…

I’m also looking into what type of creatures blood is tainted towards vampires, because Carmilla says that whatever her mother does to the girls their blood becomes undrinkable… 

And also I had a thought about the dean; Carmilla says she’s her mother and really really really old?

How about the supposed first vampire, Lillith? 

Anyway I’ll keep everyone updated…

iwouldtwice asked: i like the way youve started calling her freckles too, just make it her name... or ask poppy...


It kind of suits her in a weird way..:L I’m doubtful that poppy knows :L but I will when I see her and if I remember..

but poppy and freckles walked home that day, cuddly lion you and I walked to busaras? she must know her name… imagine if the hot one found this and was just like, “those idiots not knowing anyones name”


"you dont look gay though"
SHIT did I forget my rainbow at home AGAIN


Girls don’t want boys, girls want their team to win el clasico


German lessons with Ali Krieger and the Bayern girls. [x]

1 in 5 teenagers have thought about suicide, about 1 in 6 teenagers have made plans for suicide, and more than 1 in 12 teenagers have attempted suicide in the last year. As many as 8 out of 10 teenagers who have commited suicide tried to ask for help in some way before committing suicide. Reblog this if you’re always here to listen.






Not a question.


Stop. I love you, I care deeply about you. Imagine your family without you. They need you. I need you. I will try to help the best I can but you have to ask others for help to. You have to work on your inner problems and face your demons. You can’t be in denial. You have to change things and try the positive happy lifestyle before giving up.

so tonight and tomorrow i think i’ll crack out the ole’ Phantasmagorium and my illiad transcription, lets see just how much i can learn about Artemis and adonis before the next carmilla episode…